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Spectrum Medical GroupNo one wants to feel pain. An uncomfortable feeling, pain is a body’s response to physical disease , injury, or mental illness. Overall, pain is classified into two categories: acute and chronic. The former happens unexpectedly due to damage that a tissue has sustained. Anything that affects body tissue, that is, surgery, trauma or cancer, will cause the injury. In acute pain, heart rate and blood pressure normally increase. But the pain usually goes away until the source of the pain is removed. Chronic pain, usually associated with a chronic condition, lasts for longer and lacks a specific cause. For this group belongs chronic lower back pain, chronic headaches or cancer pain. iIf you want to learn more, check out Spectrum Medical Group.

A technique for pain control generally depends on the extent of the pain, that is, whether it’s acute or chronic. In general, pain is controlled using traditional techniques, therapeutic strategies or alternative approaches to therapy. Normal drugs available over the counter, herbal or natural remedies and alternative therapies can be used in the case of short-term acute pain induced by a wound. Chronic pain is more difficult to deal with because it lasts longer, and is more complex.

There are two primary mechanisms for distinguishing medical approaches: opioid treatment and surgical intervention. Analgesic medicinal products can alleviate or remove pain without influencing conscience. Psychotropic medications work on the brain and affect the mental state of the patient. However, one should be mindful of their long-term consequences. Another technique used is nerve blocking, in which a drug is inserted along the proper nerve to prevent the sensation of pain from reaching the brain.

The reasoning behind the surgical separation of nerve pathways is that the sensation of pain cannot get through if the pathway is disrupted. While not surgical in the true sense, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) activates the skin region over the pain site with the aid of an electric stimulator, and replaces the pain signals with a tingling sensation.