Semi Truck Accidents – Legal Rights If You Were a Victim

Semi trucks form an integral part of our systems of shipping and commerce. Of all the hard work the drivers put in has to be respected. Unfortunately, one accident occurs from time to time. And the results are rarely minor when it comes to accidents with those big rigs. Learn more on The Stephens Law Firm Accident Lawyers.

As the years have gone by and the availability of online goods has increased so the need for shipping has increased. Trucking companies and drivers are as pressed to reach deadlines and targets as ever. At the heart of this complex network lies the key issues that each year have resulted in thousands of truck-related deaths, and these issues are equipment failure and driver failure.

Failure of semi truck equipment

Big Rig trucks can weigh tens of thousands of pounds and it is a real accomplishment to get that weight going and safely stop. Here are some examples of things which in the trucking process can go wrong:

Blow Up Tire. Some of these semi-trucks have up to 18 wheels, but this doesn’t mean they ‘re totally safe from tire failure. Even a slight off-balance impact can have serious consequences, leading to sudden lane changes or rolls.

Loading Change. If a truck load is not correctly tied down, or if it is packed in an unbalanced manner, the weight shift during transport can cause the driver to lose control.

Maintenance and Inability to Check. Rigs have complex engines and parts which have to handle huge loads. If repairs and checks are inadequate then the door is open to potential failure of the equipment.

Brake panic. The semi truck’s maybe most critical component is its braking mechanism. Bringing freight to a halt requires an increased amount of time and distance, and if the brakes do not work optimally, it may undermine the stop procedure.

If the loss of Semi Truck Driver

Anyone who regularly drives knows just how dangerous driving can be. We also know how dangerous driving around and close to large rig trucks can feel. The results may be catastrophic if those drivers are not on top of their game. Some examples of fault with driver:

Fatigue Driver. The burden on truck drivers to deliver on time, or even early for a bonus, is weighing heavily. Often they are tempted to forego the mandatory breaks (as specified by law) and drive much longer than they are comfortable. Fatigue is sneaky and can set in before the driver realizes that he is in danger, along with the other drivers on the road.

Drive in the intoxicated. Many states have strict limits on alcohol levels and may have drunk drivers. This does not however mean drunk driving never occurs.

Strong rider. Semi truck drivers who give in to aggressive driving put other motorists at serious risk for reasons like delivery time and personal anxiety.

Error / Driver Annoyance. Sometimes drivers just make a judgment error, cut a corner too thin or screw it up otherwise. This can be further exacerbated if they are interrupted during their routes by mobile phone use or some other issue.