History Of Mattresses And Mattress Furniture

Modern mattress furniture evolved after several years of hard work and the desire for comfort for the individual. Which is the purpose of mattress furniture, really? The solution to the question lies. Of reality the focal point of sleep furniture is the sleep itself! Mattresses provide us with a comfortable surface to sit on and therefore offer an immense amount of warmth for which man is always searching.

The Contribution of Ancient Man Who was the first piece of man-made mattress furniture? The bunk, of course. Throughout the Neolithic era, which was about the time of 8000-6000 B.C., the primitive bed was created with a mattress. People felt it was too hard to sleep on the floors, so the bed was invented and a primitive mattress was made, fashioned from the skin of animals and leaves.

This idea was developed in Persia and later the Persians slept in beds with goatskins mattresses filled with water to provide extra warmth. At around the same moment, the ancient Egyptians started to sleep on palm boughs which they had heaped up in their houses ‘corner areas. I strongly suggest you to visit BoxDrop Furniture & Mattress San Diego-Sapphire Sleep to learn more about this.

Years after, about 200 B.C., aristocrats in ancient Rome begin living on mattresses constructed from fabric bags and filled with fur, reeds, hay etc. Everything like the mattress used in current mattress furniture was eventually raised.

Matresses were constructed from feathers and pea shucks throughout the Renaissance period and were lined in luxurious cloth such as brocade, velvet, or even silk. Traditional beds were later raised, with mattresses piled into a timber-built bed frame, with additional help from latticework constructed from ropes or even cloth. The rich provided a range of bedroom furniture throughout the 18th century-couches, sofas, chairs, little pedestals.

New innovations The wide mattresses that were designed for the bed were also produced for various styles of furniture in a number of different sizes and shapes. Throughout the late 19th century, the box spring was developed in order to render the mattresses less lumpy. This offered humans extra warmth and encouragement. The mattress and related sleep furniture have moved from strength to strength in the 20th century.

Internal spring mattresses and upholstered furnishings in the early 1930s became all the rage. They have used sealed coil spring mattresses. Next came the silicone rubber mattresses, commonly bought for producing pillows and other accessories for the mattresses. Another variant of the Persian beds came next-the waterbed. It began to be commonly used, and was built to allow the bed flexible.

NASA put in the groundbreaking memory foam and the mattress sleep industry has not looked back from the moment on. This went from strength to strength and now everybody takes for granted luxurious sleep furnishings!