What Can You Add To A Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

Remember when you were a kid and every recipe for chocolate chip cookies turned out to be exactly the same cookie? Certainly, some were crunchy and others were chewy, but essentially they all consisted of a soft dough that encased half-melted chocolate chips. View this site for more details.

Those days are quickly fading due to the foodie movement. Now head down the baking lane of your grocery store where you’ll discover not only the old-fashioned semi-sweet chips, but a dizzying selection of different chip-shaped flavours. There are peanut butter chips that taste amazing straight out of the package, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, toffee chips, butterfinger-based chips, and much others. And the standard chips come in sizes that vary from small ones that look like cycles up to giants of thumbnail scale.

If you want to choose one of the “alternate” chips, the main option to decide is whether you can go absolutely with them or blend them in with your chocolate chips. Your recipe here will most definitely not benefit you, particularly if it’s an older one. A decent thumb rule is to switch out no more than half the chocolate chips for a substitute, at least for the first time. Create a half-sample, if you like, or make a complete sample and break it if you like to test multiple different add-ins.

The land of the mind exists outside the latest processors, and it can be a very fertile field. Naturally, Nuts are popular additives to chocolate chip cookie recipes, many of which still have them as obligatory. The typical nuts are walnuts and pecans, however virtually every nut can. Whichever one you select, make sure to avoid excessively salted or sweet versions, such as “smoked” almonds or peanuts roasted with honey.

Finally, here’s a fun idea for the holidays to try: take candied fruit and cut it really thin, around half of your chocolate chips. Add a pair of handfuls into the cookie mix, just don’t lower the pieces. Your “pure” recipe for chocolate chip cookies will yield festive cookies that are the star of every holiday basket or cookie exchange!