Things You Need To Know About Cosmetic Dentist

As much as we hoped that would not be the case, injuries do occur that can hurt or damage our teeth. This may result in a number of serious issues such as losing, cracking, or broken teeth. Such issues need to be addressed and as efficiently and sensitively as possible. Dentist is one of the authority sites on this topic.

And not all situations requiring cosmetic dentistry are the result of accidents or traumas. Occasionally, the teeth may develop a natural misalignment which may require a correction procedure involved. Then there may be growing teeth discoloration problems that need to be repaired as well.

Regardless of the particular problem you face, hiring a qualified and talented cosmetic surgeon or dentist will be the necessity to fix it. Is it easy to employ a cosmetic dentist like that? Yeah, you might tell it would be quick if you were to pick random names out of the Yellow Pages. But, that’s not the best way to choose a cosmetic dentist. You should instead follow a few simple tips that will help you select the right professional.

Is the cosmetic dentist associated with some respected, respectable dental associations? If so, a dentist like that could prove to be the right professional for your needs. Some of the best dentists in the field are usually home to quality associations. This is why it would be well worth looking into any cosmetic dentist who maintains such an affiliation.

Is the cosmetic dentist someone recognized for performing a particular procedure nationalized? Such a dentist would be wise to visit since this recognition clearly validated his / her experience, success, and skills. Seeking such a dentist’s aid may prove to be the best way to reverse a very complicated problem.

For the standard needs of cosmetic dentistry, you may want to look for a dentist who specializes specifically in the procedure you wish to have carried out. For the fastest and most efficient procedure and recovery it is best to match the right dentist to your needs. And why would you want somebody’s services which lack the specialization you ‘re looking for?

As much as we don’t like to think about it, sometimes cosmetic dentistry can be expensive. While some insurance plans will cover procedures concerning cosmetic dentistry, others may not. So, what happens when you have to pay for such expenses out of pocket? You’ll need a flexible way of paying for the service. Many cosmetic dentistry offices offer funding options. Those who can get credit approval might consider this a viable payment option.

Of course, when making your selection you can apply any additional criteria that you feel would be helpful. You want to be informed with your dentist experience and pleased with the results. Hiring a dentist who really matches the expectations will be the best way to insure that this is.

Dental Implants – What Determines Success and Failure

Patients are presented with dental implants as perfect or near-perfect replacements to their missing teeth. They are rarely informed about the risks and advised on the failure rates. The trials may have serious implications and are not flawless. Implants will fail, and they do. Patients must be fully informed of the risks and understand that dental implants may fail. Implant placement is very reliable and secure with careful preparation, which provides a stable which esthetic outcome for patients. Have a look at Veneers in Louisville for more info on this.

Dental implants came in the 1950’s a long time after their inception. Technology for dental implants shifts at an extremely quick rate. As each new technology is adapted, the quality of the dental implants typically improves. Occasionally a technology that is mostly great marketing enters the marketplace and either doesn’t improve the success or actually hinders it. Luckily this is not happening very much.

So what’s causing implants to fail? A number of factors result in an increased risk of dental implant failure. Unfortunately some of the risks can not be avoided and that is why dental implants are approximately 90-95 percent successful based on different studies (the number is actually closer to 95 per cent). As with long bone fractures, some fractures are simply not healed when the cast is removed, even with the best approximation of the fracture and great immobility. Either a non-union occurs (that means no healing has ever really begun), or a fibrous union occurs (where you have scar tissue instead of bone between the two sides of the fracture). Non-union and fibrous unions occur around 5 percent of the time, depending on the type and where the fracture is and the patient. That is similar to dental implant failure rates.

The same principles of fracture healing are in keeping with an implant ‘s healing. You need good bone approximation to the surface of the implant, and a time of immobility to successfully incorporate the implant into the osseo. Osseointegration means the implant is approved by the bone and inserted around the implant. As you can see, implant failure rate is similar to that of fractures that do not heal properly. Bone failure will occur to osseointegrate (similar to non-union) and you get a fibrous encapsulation (similar to the fibrous union in bone fractures) instead of bone around an implant.

However, certain conditions that increase the risk of implant failure are poorly controlled diabetes, some bone metabolic and congenital disorders, certain medications such as glucocorticoids (prednisone), immunosupressants, and bisphosphonate medications (Zometa, Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva, etc.) Additionally, smoking and poor hygiene habits can lead to increased risk of implant failure. People with these disorders and/or on these medications should bring their implant surgeon to their attention so they can tailor a treatment plan to suit their needs and their medical conditions.

3 Crucial Reasons Why General Dentistry Is Important

Want to know some mind-blowing things? People are more likely to purchase a new t-shirt than caring for their dental health. There should be nothing more important than a set of healthy, dazzling chompers, though. Holding such beauties is simple these days with the aid of specialists in general dentistry and sound oral hygiene habits. Dr. Anthony Mancino is one of the authority sites on this topic.

  1. Fear, Time and Money

Here are the most popular reasons for dental evasion. Today, general dentistry is nearly pain-free and there are several choices for holding patients at ease. Total time spent in the dentist’s chair has also been reduced due to new technologies and updated procedures. It therefore no longer takes hours to have the fangs aligned. New dentists have simplified their procedures and are therefore willing to execute several activities in a single session. These days, too, dental treatment is more fairly priced than it once was, because more clinics now provide oral care investment programs.

  1. Pregnancy

Many patients have special needs which can include diabetes. Diabetics need to avoid problems and infections later in life to prevent serious physical complications. Routine checkups can detect and quickly rectify early warning signs of decay. Health problems of other patients, such as acid reflux, can cause dental problems such as tooth erosion which can lead to wider types of decay of the tooth.

In fact, by paying regular visits to dentists all patients can take action to prevent gum infections. Oral routine care may help prevent the entry of bacteria into the bloodstream and affect other organs. The first steps of prevention are regular cleanings, X-rays and exams. Another part of general dentistry is to teach the public on proper oral health and will prevent harm to the teeth.

  1. Restaurant Treatment

Correct or restorative treatment is needed because general dentistry serves most consumer needs. Fillings, extractions, and root canals are common practices including most wisdom teeth removal. Replacing those missing teeth will make the appearance more pleasing, improve the digestive process and prevent future oral health problems. Empty spaces can allow the remaining teeth to move, and jawbone to deteriorate.

The Truth About Oral Surgery

Do you cringe at the expression, “You ‘re going to need oral surgery? Let me explain why you shouldn’t be afraid. For most of us, the term” oral surgery “is a little frightening. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear these terms is -I have a horrible disease or a mouth condition that needs the attention of an oral surgeon. Arthur Glosman DDS offers excellent info on this.

Dentist in Medford | Checkup and Cleaning | Semi-Annual ...

  1. Tooth extractions-are one of the most prevalent dental procedures. The explanations for this are: Affected teeth. If the third molars do not arrive in the correct position of the gum line, it may get stuck between the jawbone and the gum tissue. It may cause swelling, discomfort, and inflammation of the gum tissue in this state, resulting in permanent damage to surrounding teeth, gums, and bone or even kysts or tumor formations.

Preparation for Orthodontic diagnosis Serious tooth decay Teeth and root fracture Extreme Gums disease 2. Jaw-related issues Removal of lesion and biopsy People who have sleep apnoea People who have trouble chewing, feeding, and even talking.

The temporomandibular joint dysfunction, known as temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ, which has caused damage to either injury or arthritis by the small joint in front of the ear where the skull and lower meet.

There are critical cases that require the full attention of a practitioner; an Orthognathic surgeon may be required to conduct an oral and maxillofacial operation to treat more severe conditions.

  1. Having a tooth loss will reduce our self-esteem and trust because our teeth represent who we are, which is why most of us choose a dental implant dentist in PA to replace the missing teeth instead of dentures.

Mouth Breathing and Dental Health

Ventilation is what we do to remain healthy naturally, so most of us don’t think twice about it. Coughing from the mouth in such times such as exercising or carrying large items is completely normal, but if coughing happens through the mouth normally it will contribute to other health concerns. These complications may be more serious for children because ventilation from the mouth will influence the long-term facial and jaw growth.Get the facts about dentist Middleton Idaho.

Then why are you breathing through the mouth?

Normal breathing is when the mouth is closed and we breathe through the nose. The most apparent excuse anyone would be a mouth breather is that they can’t get enough oxygen into their nose. Popular causes for narrowed nasal passages include: allergies which can induce polyps or inflammation of the nasal lining Broad tonsils or adenoids Deviated nasal septum Respiratory infections  cold or flu Symptoms that may suggest nasal breathing difficulties or congestion of the airway are: snoring, sleep apnoea Regular infections of the upper airway. As we breathe into the mouth, the mouth lacks moisture and dryness and this will raise the likelihood of tooth loss and gum inflammation.

Breathing by the mouth may often contribute to improvements in the jaw and facial development. The tongue’s usual resting place is up against the mouth’s roof to balance the cheeks’ pressures, so when a human breathes through the mouth the tongue drops down. This results in the upper jaw widening and lower jaw elongation resulting in the wide, narrow face shape, usually known as ‘long face syndrome.’ You can see overbite complications and malocclusion because of the widening of the lips, the crowding of the mouth.

Another consequence that may occur is modification of the head position. Chronic breathers in the mouth prefer to tip the head sideways and turn the head onto the neck to hold the airway free. This helps them to breathe better, but may have contributed to long-term neck and back issues.

Importance Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is an extremely common field in medicine. No longer only for braces, this dentistry specialty explores the anatomy of teeth and gums, as well as the cosmetic quality of one’s face. Although this category involves orthodontics, it often supports the coloring of teeth which contains: teeth whitening / bleaching, veneers, “style” grin, porcelain crowns, clear tooth fillings, and more.
Interested readers can find more information about them at Sacramento Family & Implant Dentistry.

Is cosmetic dental surgery safe? Yeah, it goes without asking! Both cosmetic dentists are accredited in compliance with market guidelines and demands. This promotes common dentistry techniques, with good teeth and gums, but still puts emphasis on smile appearance, with far more craft than standard dental work. In other terms, for basic dental requirements, you may see a cosmetic dentist so they may also tackle extremely specialized cosmetic problems that you might have regarding your teeth. Technology has helped dentists to exploit the smile in ways that are not daunting and hard to recognize. Gone are the days of heavy braces, as now people will appreciate the comfort of translucent, barely recognizable braces.

If cosmetic dentistry is right for you, then finding a dentist with a reputable track record is crucial. To date, there is no credential that acknowledges this particular form of dentistry and you may need to take time to seek recommendations and make sure that you and your family are seeing the correct dentist. Cosmetic dentistry practice requires years of diligent work, research, and preparation. Your dentist should be willing to include photos and samples of the research he / she has performed on happy customers, and should be able to address any concerns you have skilfully, to help the mind more confident. With the expertise of a highly qualified cosmetic dentist and the miracles of cosmetic dentistry, appreciate a more perfect smile and growing trust today.

Pediatric Dentists: Pediatric Dentistry From Infancy to Young Adult

Pediatric dentistry primarily works on young people’s oral wellbeing, particularly from puberty and into adolescent years. Taking infants in to see the dentist is critical for early oral preventive treatment. Most infants suck their fingers, or use a pacifier. These trained dentists will motivate you to break certain patterns by offering you advice. Using a pacifier or sucking on a thumb may cause crooked teeth to grow in. So early pediatric dentistry will eventually save you money, especially if they can prevent your child from developing cavities or crooked teeth.Interested readers can find more information about them at Mandurah Pediatric Dentist.

Taking a child in to see a pediatric dentist is equally necessary. Kids are jumping about, and laughing a lot. As a result, they seem to get really seriously injured. Playing to rough and dropping while playing will result in dental injury. If you have a pediatric dentist for your infant, in the case of a dental accident, you are safe. These dentists are trained in the care of multiple accidents that vary from teeth cracks to a blow to the jaw, culminating in dropping out of the tooth or teeth.

Pediatric dentists may also help teenagers achieve good oral health treatment. In addition, keeping healthy, straight teeth is especially critical for adolescents. We prefer to rely on the self-image. Crooked, decayed, and damaged teeth will destroy the self-image of an adolescent and make him feel self-conscious about his physical appearance. A pediatric dentist is qualified to work sensitively and carefully with these youngsters. They should fix the teeth and the adolescent doesn’t have to feel like an outcast among peers. Such professionally qualified dentists have all the tools available to repair dental conditions and educate teenagers how to protect their teeth.

Teenagers ought to take proper care of their teeth much as everyone else does. A pediatric dentist is offering your child the correct oral health lessons they need to keep their teeth healthy for the future. Keeping up with healthy oral behaviors and developing successful oral health patterns lets you maintain certain behaviors while you’re an adult. Pediatric dentistry offers the children with all they need from the moment they become babies and during their adolescent years, to shape such behaviors. Therefore, it is critical that you arrange your child’s appointment to see a pediatric dentist if you do not already have one.

Pediatric Dentist – Part of Good Parenting

When it comes to good education, a pediatric dentist is yet another “must do” on the agenda. Parents want their kids to be well cared after, as healthy as possible, and to live a happy life. The “to do” list contains several items that will encourage achievement in a child’s life. Here are some things to think about: Pediatric dentist: A dental practitioner who is specialized in oral health care needs for the childhood will make a big difference to the life of the child. Establishing good habits in early childhood can establish a foundation for adult health. A baby needs to have good liquid-free gums cleaned so growing teeth develop healthy. Children and infants should never be placed in bed with a bottle as this can cause a condition called “bottle mouth.” As the tot falls asleep, the sweetened liquid pools in the mouth, leading to decay. Even little children will get into the routine of washing and flossing their teeth, obviously with support from their parents. Children will be able to clean and floss teeth on their own from primary school level. Regular visits to the dentist will provide juniors a chance to get used to regular check-ups. When they have had supportive early dental encounters, they will have less chance to develop “dental fear” Find expert advice about FUNtastic Pediatric Dental-Emergency Pediatric Dentist read here.

Regular doctor checks: Growing children also need to go to their family doctor or pediatrician for regular check-ups. Growth and progress will be charted and tracked until they get out of control, so that any issues may be resolved. The immunizations should also be kept up-to-date.

Park and playtime: Both children need daily outdoor romps. Moving to the nearby park for rolling, jumping, scaling and playing around would be perfect for their body power, dose of play time and happiness. Only sitting indoors watching TV is a no-no for an rising infant in terms of maximum preparation.

Library: Reading books for your rising offspring is one of the greatest things a parent can do. Reading them in bedtime, having them watch their parents enjoy their own books, and going for storytime to the public library, and checking out books, will increase their vocabulary, knowledge, and love of learning.

Consistency: Kids depend on repetition. This is important if they have as much continuity as possible in their lives. That includes regular meals, bedtime, daily routines and nursing care. When they can rely on a routine, the kiddos will feel safe and excell in their lives.

Healthy food: They consume what we eat and children grow into who they are going to become. Lean protein, new fruits and veggies, whole grains, water and milk will most successfully expand their brains and bodies. Don’t let fast food become their convenience, or break up in later life will be a tough habit. It takes healthy food to develop physiques and minds to reach their highest potential.

Reasons For Choosing A Paediatric Dentistry Specialist

Many parents want their children to get a paediatric dentist. It is very important from an early age that children learn the value of oral hygiene and that their teeth are supervised in such a way that they develop well and straight with no deterioration or injury. It is particularly relevant in order to avoid long-term complications in adulthood which can be costly and painful. Do you want to learn more? visit Chanhassen Family Dentistry.

Although you might still have a family dentist performing routine check-ups and dental procedures, you might want to suggest working with a doctor who is specialized with coping with dentistry for youngsters. Your expert experience can help them provide the practical support they provide to your kids. For starters, ensuring that the teeth develop straight, ensuring that their teeth remain healthy, and that decay is held at bay. They’ll always have a nice demeanor and be pleasant with kids, which is really necessary since a dentist ride could be frightening.

Children’s dental procedures are somewhat different from those for adults and this is a specialist field. In the first case, their mouths are much narrower because, depending on their age, they are still at various levels of tooth growth, and it is vital that this is taken into account. A doctor can appreciate that and know just how the infant will be handled without harming the teeth that also develop and shape.

Since a pediatric dentist has extensive expertise with all aspects of oral growth of a infant, it would be easier to prescribe suitable therapies for their age and oral health. The transformation from baby teeth to permanent teeth is a crucial aspect of growing up and a dentist can help guarantee that the adult teeth that come in are stable and clean.

Most of their dentistry should include proactive treatment with routine check-ups, with plenty of sound guidance to give the children healthy lifetime oral dental care. However, if a infant has arisen with severe complications or injury to the bones, then the expert must have the experience and tools properly designed to cope efficiently with it.

Many parents claim that they have selected a pediatric dentist for their children to guarantee that they will not have significant issues with their teeth in their adult age, and with the expectation that while they become adults they may be able to prevent uncomfortable fillings or dental procedures.

Effective oral surgeon will also accept children and families, and one specialist who specializes in handling children of all ages will typically provide procedures.

Importance Of Daily Dental Care

Getting a safe and beautiful smile involves certain everyday routine that includes keeping good food habits to keep tooth rotting bacteria from developing. You will need daily dental tests to eliminate very smalls parts of food contaminants that get stuck between the teeth and can’t be separated quickly by easy brushing and flossing. Doing a daily regimen in dental hygiene helps avoid gum infections and poor breath. Here is the weblink to learn more.

Few Dental Care Tips Certain foods are effective in improving dental hygiene, because they have all the compounds and minerals the body requires to develop safe teeth.

You need to get daily calcium intake to have good and solid teeth. Strong source of calcium include meat foods, rice beverages, sardines, frozen tuna, fortified cereals, and dark leafy vegetables. It is also essential to take 1000 mg of vitamin C, vitamin D and fluoride in daily doses.

Tooth discoloration and staining are one of the more serious cosmetic dental issues and in certain cases, utilizing home-made or herbal treatments, it is very challenging to get rid of these. Incorrect dietary patterns and activities typically contribute to dental issues. Many people select their brush depending on the size, color and manufacturer’s statement, but for proper dental hygiene, selecting the brush with soft-bristles and a small head is important. The handle will provide quick grip. The toothbrush needs to be checked every three or four months as a result of dental hygiene.

There are some standards that must be met to guarantee good teeth and perfect smile as part of dental treatment. To stop any dental complications, you will clean your teeth every day, twice a day. Flossing will clear up places which are more challenging for the brush to touch. It also eliminates food waste and bacteria build up in between the teeth.

Eating good is one really critical thing. You ought to sustain a well-balanced diet and seek to popular the consumption of fructose or sugar-containing products that may induce deterioration of the teeth. Mouthwashes including chlorohexidine or listerine have strong antiseptic properties and can destroy the plaque with bacteria that triggers gingivitis, rotting of the tooth and poor breath.

To sustain a healthy schedule in dental hygiene stop food patterns in general. Eating between meals will contribute to rotting of the tooth, because it does not let down the acid content. As they are rich in citric and phosphoric acid that can harm teeth, it is also important to avoid energy drinks and colas. Lemonade beverages and fruit drinks are much harmer than cold drinks.

You ought to avoid smoking for proper oral hygiene as it hurts the teeth, it even harms the gums by reducing blood flow. Chew the sugar free gum, while the plaque acid is cleaned out, avoiding poor breath and battling the rotting of the tooth. Tell no to oral drilling as it may induce allergic reactions, gum disorders, illnesses and harm to the nervous.

There are other aspects that are more significant in the everyday dental treatment. Sometimes, dental diagnosis requires time, is complicated, unpleasant and costly. Prevention is still easier than prevention when it comes to oral hygiene, so keeping a regular diet will eliminate much of the major dental issues. It has also been proven that a person’s general health and oral health correspond strongly.

The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

Several citizens are already shifting to dental implants to cover the lost tooth or teeth, since it’s repaired quite stably and appears like a regular tooth.

A dental implant is a man-made device used to cover a damaged device. This consists of two parts: the patch, and the crown. The implant acts as the root of the artificial tooth, it is made of titanium and the jawbone is implanted. The crown appears like a true tooth, it’s connected to the implant and typically is constructed of porcelain.If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Kyle Parkway Dentistry-Dental Implants.

The downside of implant dentistry is that it feels as normal as the most real teeth. Because the foundation is immediately placed on the jawbone, the artificial tooth then begins to emerge spontaneously from the gum.

In a dental bridge where the two teeth next to the damaged tooth or teeth are used as an anchor for the dental bridge, the remaining teeth are not affected by dental implant so they may be left independently. Those two neighboring teeth may undoubtedly be exposed to certain tension, since they support the dental bridge.

Additionally, dental implants are more convenient than dentures as they are rigid and secure while dentures appear to change when you talk and when you chew. There is even a risk that during gurgling it may be thrown out of the mouth or if it is a single denture there is the possibility that it may be swallowed while eating or asleep. To those who have been sporting dentures for quite some time now, it’s now time to substitute it with dental implants that are certainly more attractive aside from being more secure.

The dental implant treatment Process fuses the titanium implant to the jawbone. This operation is usually performed by a parodontist or gum expert. The implant is allowed to osseointegrate which ensures that the jawbone can normally expand over the embedded titanium surface. The method must insure the jawbone keeps the implant safely in place. The osseointegration cycle takes place over a two to six month span. After surgery may result in swelling of the gums around the implant, certain pain killers quickly alleviate this. Antiseptic mouthwash should be used to avoid any swelling and inflammation and food consumption should be limited to soft snacks and moist soups.

The parodontist must also add an abutment to the implant after osseointegration has already occurred. This is like a sign with the crown fixed to it. The crown is custom designed to resemble the patient’s residual teeth.

Healthy and healthy jaw bone is one prerequisite for a good implant, particularly the region of the bone where the implant would be fused. Dental implant becomes a disaster if the osseointegrated implants malfunction, even if it falls, even whether it is moved even uprooted. If the patient is a smoker the risk of failure is greater. So, if you really decide to get implants, you can avoid smoking first, or else you’ll only spend your money because this procedure is very costly.

Best In-Depth Guide to Dental Implants

Below is a collection of several quite popular dental implant procedures: Single Tooth Implants-For single tooth repair. Insertion of a standard titanium dental implant accompanied by a standard crown addition.

Fixed-Bridge on Implants-Without two or three teeth. Comprises the placement of two dental implants distributed over two, three or four teeth. This is accompanied by a fixed bridge, which covers two, three, or four teeth.Link Southridge Dental Dentures

Over-denture-Much like the All-on-FourTM implant option, except utilizing two implants instead of four, it can still be extracted with a dental professional’s assistance. To all individuals have lose one or part of their teeth.

All-on-FourTM Dental Implant Treatment-It is the most extreme treatment for dental implants. Involves the placing of four titanium dental implants either on the top of the jaw bone and is accompanied by the development and insertion of a permanent denture that serves as a new set of natural teeth, which is necessary.

The Specifics: Most treatments for dental implants are performed in two steps. The first is the injection of the titanium dental implant into the jaw bone of individuals, following an initial examination. It may require as many as four dental implants (screw-like metal inserted in the jaw bone) on certain operations. Once the jaw has had sufficiently time to embrace and merg with the bio-compatible titanium implants (which typically requires 1-2 months), the next phase is now time.

An consultation for the insertion of the crown or the prosthetic tooth / teeth is planned from this stage forward. In reality this just requires a couple hours or less. Afterwards, the freshly made denture or crown / bridge is connected either by another titanium screw or by screwing the crown onto the implant. Overall, you’re within 2-3 hours of walking in and out of the dental clinic. You will continue feeding right away with the fresh implants after that.

Some have noticed that only after the prosthetic tooth was implanted they have discomfort but most heal within around a week.

In general, it appears like the first phase of dental implant operations requires around 1-2 months such that the jaw bone has time to embrace the titanium implants and attach them together. Before this, the appointment is to implant the crown / bridge or fixed denture and so at this stage, most are free to go.

How Broken Teeth Replace?

In this situation the most relevant issue to address is what are the harmful impacts of lost teeth on the overall oral safety.

Missing Teeth Negative Consequences The consequences of living life without addressing the apparent problem of missing teeth may have a significant negative affect. You are at considerable risk of developing any severe oral health issues by removing lost teeth that can transform that pretty smile into one that isn’t quite as stunning. Sometimes you can wind up appearing much older than you really are. Let me just clarify…

Teeth ought not to come out. That’s one reality. Yeah, I know kids are dropping out of their teeth but I’m not talking to kids but to adults. When an adult with a damaged tooth, the majority of the teeth and lip are hurting because everything is out of alignment. Today, stuff continue to change with time, with a wide distance between teeth. Second, it influences the manner in which the jaw shuts, called the bite connection. Additionally, and most critically, the residual teeth gradually slip, fall, and shift onto different places that are either awkward or unfunctional. That is a tragedy. Moreover, as teeth start to shift and move, it opens up the opportunity for food to get wedged in the new spaces between teeth and increases your risk of gum disease and severe decay of the tooth. Most of that may be only the very beginning of TMJ issues.