Customer Support

A customer support process is a set of customer services that are required to help customers make proper use of any given product and also to make cost-effective use of it. Installation, preparation, troubleshooting, training, updating and disposal of a product are also part of this customer support programme. This is seen as the key data channel for customer satisfaction fulfilment and thus helps a lot to retain a customer for a very long period of time. Visit us onĀ

In order to provide customer care services, there are different forms of communication used by businesses. As below, these contact networks have been clarified.

Telephone assistance

Customers will chat directly over the phone to customer service staff. In order to route the recorded calls in different ways, an optimised voice response is configured for the inbound calls. Many of these telephone support networks are used for pre-sales inquiries, order taking, cross-selling and upselling. There are also outbound calls from the call centre to the workers that are made.

Support for live chat

The visitor to the website will request assistance via a text-based chat session on this channel. He or she can quickly communicate with a customer service representative, understand the customer’s needs, and provide him with relevant advice. In this channel, language barriers can exist in the event that both parties are unable to write in the same language.

Support email

Email can be described as a primary tool that can be used to provide clients with a web-based service. This is useful when no immediate reply or assistance is needed by the customer. It is also a channel of low cost and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Remote Support Supported

Remote help is a way to address a computer ‘s problems in a specific location from a computer that is situated in another location. Businesses will benefit because they will save a large amount of time and resources because there would be no logistics involved.