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We’ll talk to a customer almost every day who’s shocked we have women working for our business. The bail industry has been run by men several years earlier but things have changed.Connecticut Bail Bonds Group You may be shocked to hear in California that more than half of the State ‘s licensed bail officers are women. We realize this factoid will have many people scratching their heads.

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There are also a variety of myths about how bail bond businesses operate. A major reason is that all the bondsmen are long-haired burly biker-men seated all day behind tables, consuming whisky and smoking cigars. Some are distracted about what they show on Television. Some viewers also believe we ‘re running around like Justice League leaders, catching bad criminals who wanted to miss out on their court dates.

Don’t get us wrong, there are only a few rugged-and-raw persons who have made a home in our line of work; and there are many more from all walks of life who support people stay out of prison on a regular basis. They could be college students, soccer mothers, siblings, grandparents or even graduates of a culinary school who thought they might no longer like cooking for a living. We are young and elderly, male and female and of various races and ethnicities.

Which Female Bondholders?

Women seem to be more loving and nurturing than their male colleagues according to general opinion-which is why they ‘re a perfect match for the bail industry. If people come into an office when they have a relative or family member who has been detained, it may be calming to speak to a person who has a more sensitive attitude. Furthermore, listening to a bail bonds-woman may be extremely soothing to a defendant’s female spouse or mother.

The number of women who hold bail bond firms has also been rising. There are many 100 per cent female-owned and run bail bond firms in California. Numbers like this lead to a significant change from the business that was once to the field that is now.

You may ask, are men still leading bail retrieval and bounty hunting? Definitely. Truly. However with the growing number of women graduating from the military and opting to seek a bail business profession, the figure could soon be less distorted.