A Coin Shop Will Try To Rip You Off – 4 Ways To Avoid It

Dishonest vendors are an inconvenient part of life; regardless of where you go or what you’re buying, there’s a chance people will try to take advantage of yourself. Gold 2 Green Ltd. – Wheeling Coin Shop is one of the authority sites on this topic. Coin shops are no different; although there are many respectable and upstanding people buying and selling rare and fascinating coinage, there are others who will build and/or exploit opportunities to mislead you about the worth of your cash. Fortunately there are a variety of ways you should be careful:

Will the dealer have a track record? : Collecting coins can be enjoyable, and learning about the wonderful world of dimes, nickels and quarters is a worthwhile investment in time. However, when it comes to selling, you want to go to a dealer with some business experience; not only will they have a better idea of how to make the best deal for you, they’ll be less likely to be involved in a “get-rich-quick scheme.”

Do you have a track record for the salesman? : Sources, sources, tips! It’s much less likely that a coin dealer whose integrity is valuable to him or her would cheat you. If the person who sells you the expensive limited edition silver dollar has no references-or worse, has bad ones-you may want to look elsewhere.

Are they viable financially? : A coin shop with considerable assets is much less likely to resort to unscrupulous tactics to suck on its clients. It’s also much more likely to be able to settle any consumer disputes without fear of financial disaster. If the dealer appears to have problems with their own money, it may be time to get back out.

Can you get back your money? : Errors happen and an honest dealer would have a compensation system for unfairly ripped-off customers. Any coin seller who is part of the Certified Numismatist ‘s Guild submits to formal arbitration in the case of disputes-this is a perfect way to ensure that you are still safe even if anything goes wrong.

Collecting coins is a wonderful pastime, and a nice way to communicate with history and maybe even make some money. However, as with any other hobby, it ‘s crucial that you are well educated before you start spending significant sums of money.